Improving Driver Behaviour

Visually analyse vital areas of user driving in real-time. Have never before available information to prevent accidents and manage risk.


Knowledge is Power

Telematics only provides a snapshot of how someone is driving. This simplistic snapshop is reflected in the discounts offered for using telematics.  With telematics only monitoring 25% of all causes of accidents, the future with telematics is limited.

Monitor Over 55% of Causes for Accidents

Pathway AI monitors and analyses up to 70% of all causes for accidents. Make your drivers safer, smarter, and better by using Pathway AI. Our artificial intelligence predicts, prevents accidents, and protects your users.

Monitor Information That Matters

Are your drivers distracted?  Are they going through red traffic lights?  Are they driving appropriately in the weather?  Are they tailgating whilst they drive?  This is just some of the detailed information that we can monitor.

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Free the User

Insure the user on how they drive rather than their age or the car they have.

Simple. Effective.

3 seconds to start the app and mount the phone.  That’s how long it takes to start analysing the journey.

Predict. Prevent. Protect.

Our smart algorithms are constantly finding where users may have accidents so we can prevent them from happening and protect them from harm.

Computer Vision

The Pathway AI is watching out for you making sure you avoid impending accidents.

Artificial Intelligence

Our artificial intelligence makes sure it is constantly adapting and identifying likely accidents to occur.

More Is Better

We analyse more risk areas than any other telematics provider.

The Information You Need

We work with you to analyse any extra information you may need as well to give you the most detailed insight possible.

Simple, Easy, Effective

Our app gives you the data you need in the knowledge that it takes less than 3 seconds to start monitoring the journey.

More Accurate Information

Move past simplistic data and start visually analysing your users to see how they are really driving.

Insightful Information

The Pathway AI analyses over 50 areas of visual information from red traffic lights to the weather.

Accessible Information

We provide a user friendly dashboard and APIs so you can use the information how you want.

Get in touch!

Have questions?  Want more information?  Just drop us a message and we will quickly get back to you.